Designing a home that boosts well-being

Home interior plays a big role in our overall well-being The connections between art, aesthetics, the built environment, health and well-being are nothing new, but applying it to our homes and commercial spaces is beginning to gather momentum. The subtleties of interior design can have significant impacts on our mental health and emotional state of mind, in ways we often do not fully appreciate. Here are some elements of wellness focused design you can adopt that will contribute to a stronger

Green living guide: how to start an eco-friendly life

As awareness of global warming increases, more people are looking to make changes to their lifestyle to protect the planet and reduce their carbon footprint, but many do not know what it takes to go green Thanks to human activities, the Earth's climate is changing at an unparalleled rate - with the 20 warmest years on record occurring in the past 22 years – and leaving a significant impact on biodiversity, oceans, the weather and human lives. Bangladesh itself, due to unique geographic, socio-

Digital detox: Why you need a break from your virtual life

Maintain a healthy balance between the digital world and real life Remember life before the internet? Think about a time long-gone when nearly every aspect our lives didn't rely on technology? Worse still, what those countless hours of tech consumption does to your body and mind in the long run? With technology dependency and addiction becoming a growing problem in Bangladesh, a 'digital fast' or detox might be just what we all need. A digital detox is essentially a process where you refrain

From chaos to order: Tips for an organised, stress-free home

A guide to decluttering your home and mind Organising a space can reduce stress and helps to develop a sense of calm from your surroundings. Photo: Collected Dealing with the overwhelm of decluttering the stuff you no longer need can be difficult and frustrating, especially if you have never experienced "the other side" - an organised home that boosts your confidence and relaxes your mind. A 2013 Wall Street Journal article titled "A Closet Filled With Regrets" suggested that only 20 percent

How to turn lockdown into a personal growth opportunity

With half of the world currently hunkered down at home, we have valuable space to contemplate and create important changes, personally and professionally These unusual times may well have presented us with a little more time on your hands than we're accustomed to, but let's look at the glass half full: there is an opportunity to use this quieter period to introspect and focus on self-development. With half of the world currently hunkered down at home, we have valuable space to contemplate and

The Japan trip where everything went wrong

Over the nine-day trip, we missed more trains and buses than we could count. In early November 2017, four friends and I took a long-anticipated, and clearly under-researched, trip to Japan. The first mishap occurred when we landed at Osaka International Airport on a chilly autumn morning of 14 degrees Celsius. Being warm-bodied South Asians, we had packed winter wear, but in our checked-in suitcases instead of our hand luggage. Needless to say, we got a shock upon learning that all our checked


Recruiters spend just 20 seconds on on a resume, so make yours impactful with these expert tips. DO AWAY WITH THE “OBJECTIVE” Instead, include a 150 to 200-word professional career summary. Global talent solutions company Hudson Singapore’s Regional Director Alena Salakhova says, “This is a snapshot of your experience, credentials, qualifications, knowledge, and achievements. It sits at the top of your resume, and guides the overall direction and tone of your career history and capabilities.”